Dear winter sports fans!

We are a sporty, green and flourishing town of Latvia. We are home for about 7500 inhabitants. 85% of them are Latvians and 15% are non-Latvians. Madona is located in the eastern part of Latvia, 170 km from Riga, the capital of Latvia. We live in an ecologically clean and natural environment, with the areas of European Union importance around us. It is Teiči Nature Reserve – the largest intact moss marsh of the Wetlands of International Importance in the Baltics. It is the Lubana Wetland Complex with the status of the Important Bird Area, developed by Bird Life International, and 250 bird species. These are the visually beautiful landscapes of the protected landscape area “Vestiena” and the forests of Krustakalni Nature Reserve.

Madona is one of the most popular winter recreation regions in Latvia. It is based on the durability of the snow cover and the hilly terrain, as well as the ski tracksarranged corresponding to the requirements for relaxation and competitions. The sports organizers of the Sport and Recreation Centre “Smecere ssils” can be proud of the experience of organizing Latvian, Baltic and Scandinavian, European and World championships of cross-country skiing and roller skiing, biathlon and ski orienteering sports events.The town has remarkable skiing traditions: national cross-country ski competitions have been organized in Madona since 1930, and since 1961, the Madona Sports School has a ski section with cross-country skiing and biathlon programs. This sports school has also prepared the participants of the Olympic Games in cross-country skiing and biathlon. They have brought Latvia's name in the whole wide world.

In the field of business, the town of Madona has developed into the centre providing a wide range of services. The leading manufacturing industries in Madona are wood processing and food production companies of different profiles. Travellers prefer visiting nature objects and rural tourism enterprises, participating in cultural events and sporting events, as well as discovering and enjoying the products of local producers: cheeses, caramels, berry candies and wines. I invite you to enjoy our hospitality and reach new sports records at the 2023 ski orienteering championships. See you in Latvia and Madona!

Agris Lungevičs, Chairman of Madona Municipality Council


LOF Linca